Our Company

Based out of Jacksonville Fl. with locations in the SouthEast. We currently employ 11 team members who do web design, marketing, photography and street team work. The Happy Hour Sites is part of a much bigger family though. Intraglo Technologies is the parent company of our Happy Hour Extravaganza.


With our website, you can reach your target customer. 813HappyHour.com gives you the opportunity to easily hit all the marketing targets that you need and want. Our web site is simple and easy to use. It is clutter free and gives the thirsty happy hour searcher a place to go no matter where they are. Our website lets you interact with people before they even get to your restaurant. We can help you claim market share and broaden your appearance through our interactive online resources. 

When you partner up with 813HappyHour.com. we will introduce your happy hour and specials to our networked community here in Tampa via FaceBook and Twitter. We have loyal followers all over the area that check our web site and social media sites daily to find out whats going on that day and the rest of the week around town. 


The demographic we hit is very specific: Happy Hours and Nightlife. 813HappyHour.com is designed for easy access for patrons all over the bay area that enjoy going out at night . From clubs playing Top 40 to small laid-back establishments, 813HappyHour.com is a hit with all ages including college students, young professionals and anyone who enjoys an exciting night out.


Charles Wagoner

 - Happy Hour Developer. Photographer & President

- Studying Computer Science at The Univ. of North Florida

Allison Dobosiewicz

 - Public Relations Coordinator

- Studying Public Relations at The Univ. of North Florida

Todd Lampke

 - Happy Hour Consultant & Client Exeucitive

- Studying Marketing at The Univ. of North Florida

Dustin Schulze

 - Happy Hour Consultant & Photographer

- Studying Marketing at The Univ. of North Florida